One of the primary focuses of All Points Realty Partners LLC is in identifying and documenting troubled or failed Residential Developments. Once a Project of interest is located, all available data is compiled into a comprehensive Property Information Package (PIP) for Marketing to Potential Investors. These Investors may or may not have an existing relationship with APRP (All Points Realty Partners LLC). Extensive field research is completed by APRP Staff via Real Time GPS with an Active GIS Overlay per a Subscriber GIS Service. This method provides a comparison of actual Lot Plats and Recorded Legal Ownership while allowing the Properties Terrain & Topography to be cataloged for Construction Feasibility and Marketing purposes. In addition all Public Records and other available sources are searched to obtain as much detailed Due Diligence data in advance as possible.

The following Sub-pages contain excerpts from some of the PIP Documents that we have prepared for past Projects as well as Projects in progress. The Documents have been condensed so as to make them more Web Friendly.

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